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Skin therapy

Love Your Skin Aesthetics really started as a personal quest to find the solutions for my personal skin problems and those of my family.  For years I struggled, with acne as a teenager and as an adult, then came the battle against the signs of aging we all face.

Ready to move on from my graveyard of skincare products, I began my own research, which eventually became a passion to become a skincare professional, to bring the solutions I found to others as well as myself and my family.

So, what have I found?   Skincare is personal.   Everyone has different problems, which need to be addressed with custom solutions, specific to the individual.   Analysis of a client's "current state" is critical, and skincare requires a holistic, proactive, and continuous approach, not just the right product, or occasional "one size fits all" treatment.   The latest education is important, the best technology and equipment play a role, as does nutrition, and a daily routine specific to each client.   

My background has always been about caring for others, as a registered nurse, mother, and as a state licensed aesthetician.  I am bringing the latest training, equipment, and cosmeceutical  products from Dermalogica to my practice.   But most importantly, I am bringing my commitment to my clients.    My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing I am helping people every day down the path to great skin, and the added self confidence and well being it brings.   

I love my skin, and you can love yours too!

Nichol Kahlenberg, L.A., R.N.